Ok my second work in blender, this is going toward either my avitar or an entire scene,

C&C always welcome :slight_smile:

EDIT: and heres the pic that i partially modelled it after:


I think you need to add a flame and a wick, but the model is pretty cool. How did you make the base?

I took a cube and extruded it about 6 times in small pieces, then i turned one piece at a time clockwise a little until i had a spiral, then just streched it and messed around with other parts of it until i had a spiral like that

also, that isnt actually the candle yet, that whole top thing is just the candle holder :stuck_out_tongue: (i didnt know that when i started lol)

im about to start work on the candle skick (maybe) but i like its design right now so im not sure which way ill go

Just incase you didn’t know, you can use the “Screw” function under Edit Buttons.

thanks :slight_smile: i had no idea (although i was sure there had to be a better way :wink: )

Ok, iv decided not to add a candle stick since it would take away from the beauty of the piece

PS: C&C still welcome

holy crap, so thats what the screw button is for… but when i try it, it always says I need to have a curve selected. What does that mean?