i am trying to get something in to BlenderNation but they never like any of my stuff and say i shod post it here to get some help so… is there any thing other than making the smoke brighter ?

if you wanna see all the rest of my renders

I think it looks pretty darn good. I particularly like the glowing ember - though more orange than red might be more convincing. The smoke looks convincing, if anything I think that if it was brighter it might look less real.

Here is a thought though, I can see polygon corners on the wax. Why not increase the subdivisions to make it smoother? (unless you are purposely keeping the polycount down for animation or something)

Don’t get discouraged about not getting on BN. I looked at your other renders and this looks like an improvement in the lighting and materials, IMO. I agree that the wick should be more orange than red.

The smoke is nice, but it doesn’t look like smoke from a candle at such close distance. Take a look at the smoke in the image below. It is brighter and smoother. (Probably a better way to describe it)

Keep going. Its looking good.