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PS: I am very satisfied with the ambience and mood of the project and with the skeletal hands which was my first try at modeling a hand and rigging it)

This is my entry for this week’s weekend challenge. Theme: Eerie

Enjoy and comments are welcome

I hope the image wont be too dark for some of you but if so add some luminosity to your screen or close a curtain :stuck_out_tongue:

I got TFT screen and still your image looks too dark.
Perhaps you should make the candles illuminate more. The flames look too “smooth” yellow, they may need more shades of yellow-orange-red.

Almost all candleholders point at the same way.

It’s not a bad picture but I wish you made a bit brighter version. That doesn’t mean it cannot have dark areas but rather that it has highlighted areas that get the attention of the viewer. There may be hidden details in the shadows …

Ill tweak the contrast a bit in the gimp then thanks for you imput

Here is a brighter version :

The candles dont cast any light/shadows.

They cast shadows and thats a fact lol. Maybe because its a sphere lamp with ray tracing the shadows who are far away are very light but there are shadows.

update page 1 Top
Change the lighting and rearranged a few things

Voting started if of you are curious and there are other awesome stuff that should not be missed!! (cause they didnt post it in the Finished projects which is a shame because some entries are neat):