Im actually doing the Bwc
For a few reasons
i need something spontaneous and crazy stuff to lighten my school load
so my theme will be evident from the following

The chocolate from the vat is obviously temp[ATTACH]84152[/ATTACH]

You need to tell the story, right now we dont know what anything is supposed to be.

stories are elements of detail
detail is an element of thought
thought deserves time
but ideas do not

A massive leaking Wreckage within a factory that produces the sweet comfort inducing food we know as Candy

You know what forget it
im doing Roman style Artitechture city of idealisms
Ripped apart by the corruption of liberal arts





Hey klorine, I like the Rome renders better than the candy, should be interesting to see it develop :slight_smile:

:)Hey thanks Month



Ok i got a human from Kator Legaz .com and here is another render[ATTACH]84264[/ATTACH]

Come on people comment

At risk of sounding like a moron…

It’s very dim, except for one bright hot spot, but (we) don’t know the significance of this bright light. There could be others along the path, but we can’t see them. There are seemingly endless columns supporting a path. Yet there are breaks in the columns too. The columns are significant, not just to support the path but as a break in the continuity of the path. The person seems to be frantically running down the path in search for an end, or a meaning to it all(?) It’s clear that there are columns on the top row of the path as if another entire segment of the path could be added as the subject runs toward what he/she feels may be the end.

Is this how you feel about school itself, sometimes??

I want to see this developed!!!

You cna be forgivin for thinking that , well let me clarify.
I am going to add a huge boulder/shadow/monster chasing Martin… Named him that

So anyway ok ill fix the ligthing

Ok i added a peice of flying ruined pillar rthat th monster will bethrowing at him
and adjsuted the lighting

its better right?

Ok i got a new idea
Hes not runnign from a monster …

Ok heres the shadow of his past chasing him [ATTACH]84336[/ATTACH]

i think we need morr elight here

some more light so you can recognize detail

why cant i get some decent feedback ?