Candy Tree - Weekly CG Challenge (Updated render)

“Candy Tree” for the weekly CG Challenge… enjoy! :slight_smile:
EDIT: Updated with mist/god-rays and fireflies…


Nice work :eek:

@NID Graphics thanks man! I updated the pic with some mist and fireflies (real ones not cycles artifacts lol) :wink:

I like it:), good work:)

Very Nice! :smiley: Top Row is a must! :smiley:

Shiny work! “Uncle apple tree” I guess:D

@Joey Blenderhead, @the muslim

thanks guys! I’m glad you like it :smiley:

I love the art style soooo much! Do you happen to have a breakdown of the image? The candies are just textures applied? Also what about the bark? And you used planes for the leaves? I guess you modeled the tree, didn’t use the sapling add-on, right?

A masterpiece, I’m blown away

@Ride the flow thanks man, I appreciate that :slight_smile:
@AkiraOkihu Thanks mate!Unfortunately I don’t have a nice breakdown of this right now, (I’m considering making one) but you’re right I modeled the tree itself (a bit of sapling for the smaller branches), and the bark is hand-textured (ie: not procedural). and yes actually I did use planes for the leaves/grass etc.

The candy stalks on the ground are modeled using the screw modifier and curves, and the round ones on the tree were textured :slight_smile:

Oh yes, the grass is modeled and then I used a particle system to generate it on the ground, the god-rays and fog were rendered using volumetrics on a separate layer, then composited in using PS

simply wonderful - everything - and that facial expression of the tree - so good!

Beautifull render! That tree looks so peacefull :slight_smile: I hope it doesn’t hurt him when people break off the candy branches, lol :smiley:

Great work man