Cane I make Modern Games with Blender Game Engin

Hellow i have a qwestion and i wonder if sombodey can help me.
i learning xna(microsoft game studio) but i like to know if cool games modern games like bioshok or halo3 cane be made with blender game engine becous when i mported a high poly model to blender and diplayed it in the game engin it lookd so ugley, so i thought its som kind of a mistake but when i rederd it it looked fine too me and also when i diplayd it in xna.
but this is not my qwestion my real qwestion in general is blender 2.46 rc1 capeble of making modern commersial games like bioshok and halo3 or xna is better or if its not will blendx be capabel of doing that and when is it coming becous i foun that the blendx linux thred is dead
thank you

The built in blender game engine cannot make next gen games. However, it is excellent at quickly making game prototypes, and exporting stuff for other engines. As far as bge quality, you could compare it to n64 or ps2.

What most people usually forget is, a bad model rendered with a next gen engine looks bad. A good model looks good even in bge.

It has a lot of xtra development in the works right now for the crystalspace
engine. Can someone specifically say how it does for xna?
I don’t really know how much has been done with it or if there are specific tutorials for the xna platform.

Please post questions in the Game Engine Support forum.