Canned Laughter

Honestly, this stuff makes me sick. If you watch teevee and pay attention, you will hear the same stuff over and over again regardless of most productions. After a while, you can recognize the same loops.

Warning Spoiler…Heh…

That just stincks. I think the same tracks are used in the Comedy serials and the laughter shows. Is it the same.:eyebrowlift2:

It would be interesting to use in an animated series, just for the sheer absurdity value.

Of course, laugh tracks in live action shows are just stupid, especially in shows like MAS*H. Of course, if you get use to them in a specific show and they omit them from an episode it seems weird.

It’s been done. I’m sure there are others, but I remember watching the Flintstonesas a kid and it having a laugh track.

You can hear a little of it on this clip (not the best, but one I could find).