Cannibalus Planctus

Hi, here is my new image. It about a carnivorous plant which is very hungry.

Here was the concept sketch :

and here the 3d version :

I’m planning to make a short animation with it. So I’ll post more things…

Nice…that came out really well. Love the shader :smiley:

That looks good.

I’m not convinced by the black background and the texture on the pot can be improved but the plant is spot on. Congratulations.

Lol, very funny.
Ask Jim Carrey to do some lines and animate that beast!

haha, very nice. can’t wait to see it animated!

Thanks for the crits !

Yes you are right for the texture of the pot, i will try to improve it and give it a more realistic look.

I think I should also improve the eye, there is not enough “deep”

I like the outcome of your idea. It’s cartoony, but the shading is splendid. Also, I think the inside of the mouth is too light. Other than that, it is very wonderful and I can’t wait until you animate it.

nice(note, im drunk and just trying to get my post count up…muahahaha…read my thread in OffTopic forum)

i like it a lot, but i think it could use some leaves, or fronds, or tendrils or something, just to emphasize that it is a plant. and as has been stated, the shaders kinda glow with an internal light.

get animating! = )

jim ww

Wow, I like it… would be great if it has some little childrens around:D