Cannot add controller

i have no idea how to explain this in further detail, but i cannot seem to add a controller in the logic for Blender. Please help?

I have same problem, but if you connect any sensor and actuator it should appear

@TheKingDweeb - Try to give more information. What version of Blender are you using? What OS? Are you dealing with a single object? Try moving your object (s) to the first layer, if they’re not there already. Is it just one object, or is it several (or all of them)? Is the problem that the controller, sensor, and actuator menus literally don’t appear in the logic editor?

I have the same problems.
It appears after some times of using Blender.
It’s version 2.65. 64Bit. Linux.
And from what I see the added controllers are added on other objects.
So I need to clean those others up afterwards.
And more annoying: sometimes the false ones will get deleted.

yeah it happens, it seems to have something to do with changing size or position of logic window, but I am not sure, it seems to just happen at some point…

btw. I can’t post a sample because after saving and reopening the file the problem is gone until some time in the future.
(Sorry for double posting, but my first post is still waiting for approval.)

Try using a more recent build from the buildbot or Graphicall. I seem to remember this bug existing, though I don’t know if it was fixed or not.

Thanks everyone for their answers, but i have resorted to closing and reopening blender which also solves the problem!

yes I have the same problem , in 2.65 ufficial, and also in a 2.64 build(previous)

i discovere how replicate it :

-open a new blend
-add 2 cubes
-select the first cube
-add one sensor and one actuators
-joint sensor ->> actuators (this add automatically a new controller)
-now select the second cube

  • add a new controller ( that fail)

a this point you see that is not add the controller, where is ? is add in the FIRST cube !!

so, joint sensor and actuators is the workaround ,(as suggested by @Braffe) and maybe at the same time the source of the bug!

I had the same problem yesterday… and it got fixed after i restarted blender. I can confirm that following MarcoITs steps i can reproduce the bug. I am using 2.65a on linux 64bit system

After trying it myself, it seems that I literally can’t add any controllers, which is odd, because I haven’t really seen this bug until now. A bug report needs to be filed about this, since it pretty much keeps you from adding any logic.

EDIT: Okay, it seems to be:

  • If you try to directly connect a sensor to an actuator, it will begin ‘bugging out’ from that object forward to any others you create.
  • If you restart Blender, the error goes away and you will be able to create controllers, but any ‘glitched’ controllers already created will continue to be glitched (i.e. delete one controller and another one gets removed) until you delete them.

So, please don’t try to connect sensors to actuators directly. I never knew that was supported, but it probably isn’t supposed to be.

it used to work fine, it just added an And , now it is glitchy

for some reason it is like you have an object highlighted, that you don’t

Actually it is supported; with the intention that it links the two with the type of controller last added

Added bug report

I was tutoring someone, and during the last lesson we had this problem.

It is when you try wiring a sensor directly to an actuator as solarlune said.
However, we found that it actually adds the controllers to the object that you directly wired a sensor to an actuator.

Also I noted that on the left toolbar in the 3d view, there is a section that pops up with “Add Controller” when you add a coontroller.
It has two options: “Controller” and “Object”. Usually the “Object” field is blank. But when you wire straight across it automatically puts the object’s name in. From then on(Unless you wire straight across again) it will add all controllers to that object.

You can then fix the issue by adding a controller, then clearing the “Object” field on the left toolbar.

Its just a stupid bug…