Cannot allocate pixels array. Can anyone help?

I am getting crashes during the rendering of a particular scene and am recieving the message Malloc returns nill: len=104857600 in pixels total 1202327732 .
I believe the issue may be arising from one my models which is a crane fly insect as I have also had problems with weight painting this mesh. It has 27392 faces, i,ve previously rendered objects with a much higher poly count. Can anyone help?

Do you have subsurf modifier On ? Which render level did you selected ?

Cipix has a point there, subsurfs could be a problem or also textures - huge image files take a lot of RAM. (So, to make it clear - that message seems to tell you, that your scene needs more memory than Blender can allocate.)

Thanks guys, I googled the message, I think the problem is my image textures i,ve been using pngs for colour and alpha I think that they’re eating up alot of memory