Cannot apply shrinkwrap modifier

I’ve just finished the retopology of my character.
But I had some problems with snapping to the surface by the figers en toes.
So I tried to use a swrinkwrap modifier for these areas, and they seem to snap to the underlying surface very well.

I found that shrinkwrap on the whole body gave some strange distortion, so I used Vertex groups, 1 for the hands and 1 for the feet.

I’ve tried multiple ways of projecting:

  • Nearest surface point
  • Project
    With different settings.

The problem I ran into, is that when I want to apply these modifiers, the mesh jumps back to it’s old position, no longer snapping to the underlying mesh.

I would like to know, in what order you should apply your modifiers?
And at what moment you should apply them?
And most important, what am I doing wrong?