Cannot apply textures to blender fbx exports in Unity


Very confused as to why I am having a problem applying textures to my fbx files in Unity - the files are exported from Blender. Next, I open the same fbx in substance painter and paint my texture onto the model. Then I export the texture using the Unity URP setting in substance painter. When I open the fbx file in Unity, I see the model just fine. However, when I apply a standard lit shader that uses the exported albedo (from substance painter export) as the albedo map, it does not show up on my model in Unity. I also tested other textures with standard patterns, and none of the textures show up on my model. Only the base color changes slightly, no details at all, just a flat color.

As you can see in the picture below, I have a model of a pair of eyes. To test its compatibility with textures, I just slapped a fur texture on there (a leopard pattern) on a standard lit material, and as you can see it does not show up on my model. On the other hand, you can see it displaying just fine on a regular plane created in Unity.