Cannot Change Active Camera? HELP! (file included)

So I’ve been hitting Ctrl-Numpad 0 until my fingers are blue, and no matter which camera it says is the active camera, when i go to render out a still image it renders it from a completely different camera, and I can’t change it! I think one of the outliner settings is off, but I’m not sure. Help!


.blend file here: (sorry for the link, attaching a blend file wasn’t working)

I can’t open your blend file but check the correct camera is showing in the Scene settings
I assume you have looked in the compositor and video sequence editors for any loaded clips that would overrde the render of the 3d view

Yeah the correct camera is in the scene settings, and there’s nothing in the compositor that would override it. I have about 10 cameras in the scene, but in the outliner only 6 are listed. Whenever I render it’s always defaulting to one specific camera, and if I delete it, it just does the same with another camera.

I have no problem with changing the camera using your blend file; just to check on that: your numpad is active ? maybe you are on a notebook and your numpad is deactivated .

It’s exactly the same problem I’m facing: I have 6 cameras, I’ve set the CAM_4 in numpad AND in the menu bar (View > Cameras > Set Active Object as Camera) for a static render (no animations)… and Blender ALWAYS render the last camera in the menu bar (CAM_6) no matter which camera I chose.

I only can change the camera If I delete the last Camera in the menu bar.
Ex: if I delete the CAM_6, Blender will render now only the CAM_5 and so on.

I have never faced that before.