Cannot change old file (file saved with @)

OK, this is driving me mad.

I googled a lot, usually people saving to the cloud having issues like this.

I set up a local file server here yesterday, and ever since even local saves won’t work.

(got nothing to do with machin3tools, switched it on and off, nothing seems to help)


Anyone any ideas?

Just curious, can you do “save copy”?

I can do both “save as” and “save copy”, it saves a [email protected] which works after renaming. Not really something that’d work in a pipeline though, it’d be good to figure out how to fix it.

I’ve seen a bug report, got closed because no blend file was attached, I might have to create a non production example for this. Doesn’t really matter what blend file though, it happens in every case for me.

Only happened after I set up my file server yesterday, but no idea why it’s impacting local saves as well.

Your file got saved with an @ symbol? So for example: “[email protected]”? What does the full filename including path look like?

Which cloud services are affected? I use Dropbox, not a local file server.

Also, sorry I can’t be of any help. I’m just asking questions out of pure curiosity.

Yep, “[email protected]”. I’m using a local fileserver, no web based services. But as said, it also happens when saving locally on the workstastion. (ever since I set up my local server yesterday)