Cannot click select vertices in edit mode, only box select

I keep encountering an annoyance where I think I accidentally toggle some setting, and can no long click on vertices to select them in edit mode. I can select them by dragging a box around them, but not by clicking them, please let me know if you need a blend file to assist in explaining my problem.

Hi, I’m not sure what’s causing that, but when you are in Edit mode (press Tab to enter Edit mode), make sure you have vertex select mode enabled at the top of the screen. I also like to have the move tool enabled most of the time, rather than the box select tool. You can press T to toggle the side toolbar. I hope this helps!


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Weirdly, I just had the same thing occur in the latest nightly build of Blender 2.91. That’s definitely a bug. Not sure how it’s triggered, but you can’t click on vertices, edges, or faces. The solution is to just save your project and reopen it. If you’re able to recreate the bug easily, I would definitely report it by selecting Help > Report a Bug in Blender’s top header.

Oh, I take that back. I thank the Lord Jesus for showing me the cause of it… it’s not a bug. If you have more than 1 object that is sharing data (likely from Alt-D instancing an object), then when entering Edit mode, the object you selected and all its duplicates will APPEAR to be editable. This can be confusing, since it looks like you can select the vertices on the duplicated objects… but you can’t. You can only select the vertices on whatever object you selected BEFORE entering Edit mode. This is probably the issue you were having. I hope this helps! :smiley: