Cannot convert curves to meshs?

Hi, I’m new to Blender and I need help converting a lot of curves to meshs.

My data is from a vector pdf blueprint. I imported it into Inkscape, exported it as .svg, and then imported it into Blender. Then I found I got a lot of curves. However, when I selected all of them, I don’t have the alt+c option. Neither did I have the object data button. And I cannot switch to edit mode either. But if I only select one of the curves, I can convert it into mesh. What is the reason? How do I easily convert all the curves into mesh? There are really a lot of them…

Thanks in advance!

  1. Alt + c only works in object mode
  2. Perhaps all the separate curves were not joined at the time you exported them? Thats why you can only convert 1 curve at a time. SVG are weird anyway