Cannot copy .blend to flash drive

When I try and copy a .blend file to a flash drive from my schools computer, the progress bar always stops about 3/4 of the way and then gives an error message. This only happens with .blend files that have the external data (textures) packed into the .blend. It happens on all flash drives that work perfectly fine for any other file including .blends without textures packed into it. I know the computers have Vista X32, one of the Intel quad core extreme editions, Nvidia quadro fx, 4 Gb of ram.
Is there a way to fix this? Is there a way to unpack the external data?


File>External Data>Unpack into Files

Now it seems to not matter if the data is packed into the file. Both the blender at school and on my home computer are 2.49a, but I only have Python installed at home, could that be a problem?

This might not address the issue directly, but you might be able to circumvent the problem by zipping up your files in an archive first.

Perhaps there are control characters in the file names that the FAT file system on the flash drives don’t like? Is it all blend files, or just a particular set of files you are working with?

I will try the zipping tomorrow, and it seems to be random .blend files, like if I just save the default cube I can put it onto my flash drive, but not more complex scenes.

Zipping it seemed to work! Thanks!

Good deal. I don’t know what weirdness was going on there with your school’s computers. Maybe some strange security “features”.

Ha I bet that’s it, my art teacher thought Blender would give the computer a virus.