Cannot create custom orientations or use local transform


Following a really great LinkedinLearning tutorial, about 9 hours into a 16 hour course. Few days in. Loving it.

Had no issues until now. I’ve created a cylinder that I am trying to use an edge loops local transform orientation, as I want to further extrude in that direction. However, when I click local it doesn’t do anything.

Done a fair bit of googling, and followed the steps of trying to create a custom transformation and unfortunately it still is not working.

This thread in particular I tried following both solutions to no avail - Transform orientation 2.8.2 - Issue?

Here is a screenshot of what I am currently looking at whilst in Object mode -

Your help is really appreciated!

In the top left corner, where it says Orientation, switch the dropdown from ‘Global’ to ‘Default’.

OMG! Thank you!!! May I ask what is the difference between those two transform drop boxes? The one in the top left, and the one in the middle?

The center one is a scene-global option. The top left is a “tool setting”, that is, an option for the given tool (move, rotate, scale). Technically, you’re allowed to change the orientation after the transform, using the redo panel. ‘Tool settings’ expose some of those options beforehand. Honestly, I’m not sure that was a smart design decision for this specific case, but it is what it is.