Cannot Create More Than One Action? (Per Mesh, Object Or Amerature)

Hello everyone!

I am pretty new to blender and i have been having some problems with actions lately! I have open the action editor in blender 2.58. I have successfully keyed an amerature and this has automatically created an action! The problem i am having is that when i click the little plus button to create a new action, it does not create a new one but instead adds a .001 after the current action! This problem does not allow me to create more than one action! I have tried typing in the name first and then clicking the plus button, but this only renames the current action before i can click the plus button!

Hope someone can help!


Thats simple. Just x out on the first one. Trust me though, its still there. Now click plus and you should be able to start another.

Thank you so much! I thought clicking the X deletes it!

No problem.

actually, it is creating a new one. it just doesn’t look like a new one, because when you add a new action, it’s a copy of the current action. so when you add a new one just use A to select all keys and delete them to start with a clean slate.