Cannot create multiple actions in the same blender file correctly

Hi everyone, I downloaded a hand model (on internet) and wanted to create multiple actions on the same blender file. I created new action from “00” action (call it is “abc_new”).

  1. If I remove Hand_roll_1 and Hand_roll_2 by command:
import bpy
name1 = "Hand_roll_1"
name2 = "Hand_roll_2"[name1])[name2])

in action 00 and abc_new, I can’t scale control bones. Why is it like that? (If I don’t remove Hand_roll_1 and Hand_roll_2, I can scale normally).

  1. In case I want to move abc_new according to z-axis 5 cm (open Object mode and move), 00 action also moved. Is there any way for 00 and abc_new not to depend on each other? (I mean 00 will not be moved into z-axis when abc_new moves along the z-axis)