Cannot create same topology on the model

I’m trying to create the same topology of number 1 and number 2 but I find that the topology of number 2 is greater than number one Because the object 2 is larger than object 1, how can I make that both were in the same topology without destroying their proportion Each other.

Maybe modelling in the plane and do different curves to follow/bend to so the size of the rhombus stays the same ?

Maybe I did not explain myself correctly, as you can see in the picture the shape of the diamond 2, larger than the shape of the diamond 1, but I need that both were in the same shape and save their proportion Each other as in the first picture

And if you model them on a flat surface and choose different length to bend them on different radius yo got different cylinders with the same sized rhombus… (but don’t scale then in Z)

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I did not quite understand, maybe you meant that?

(I was busy). Yes something like that and then cut in different length and bend with radius.

thank you