Cannot delete image data


How can I delete the img data from a blender file. I have deleted everything the img is linked to such as the texture and the uvmap but still I can’t get the img deleted. Normally it should get a “O” before being deleted. Then save the file and open again and its gone.

But not so with some. Very curious. Do you know why it gets not deleted? Thanks in advance.

In the image editor Shift + press on the X next to image name to delete permanent after closing.

Oh wait, but that’s 2.5…

Blender 2.49 can be weird sometimes trying to remove data blocks like this. If the texture is not actually in your blend, as a packed image file, if so just unpack it, I’d just ignore it, its not worth sweating over.

Hey thanks both for that information. I played a bit and figoured it out. It’s because I have appended the object from another file. So if doing so you cannot delete that image as it somehow is still connected to the other file eventhough appended it and not linked. If I delete the image data in the (original file) it works.