Cannot Deselect Edge Loops When using Emulate 3 Button Mouse in 2.80, 81, 82 and now 83

Before I submit a bug, I wanted to run it by here again. I’ve seen this topic with no working solutions. When you Emulate 3 Button Mouse when using Left Click Select, you can select edge loops by holding Shift and double clicking. You should be able to Deselect edge loops using the same combination but you cannot. There seems to be no way to Deselect edge loops without going into settings and turning off Emulate 3 Button Mouse temporarily (which is what I have been doing). I kept thinking they would fix this issue with a new release but alas, we are now 4 versions into blender 2.80 with no solution.

If anyone knows something that I do not, please let me in on it. Otherwise, I will submit an official bug because this really seems like a no-brainer. Shift Double Click should do both select and deselect when it comes to edge loops.

It’s a known limitation. The reason it wasn’t present in 2.79 an earlier is that older versions didn’t allow left click select and emulate 3 button mouse at the same time.

Buy a mouse with a scroll wheel?

What does a scroll wheel have to do with it? Do you mean to not have Emulate 3 Button? If that’s what you are saying then we can no longer use tablets.

None of what I read explains why it can’t be a toggle select… same buttons that select can deselect. What am I missing?

Scroll wheel doubles up as middle mouse button. With a MMB there’s no need for Emulate 3 Button Mouse. I use a keyboard, a mouse and a tablet. I have assigned one of my tablet pen buttons to MMB click for when I’m using the tablet for sculpting and stuff.

The second link I posted covers the issue in some detail

Thanks. I’ll read over that but bottom line is that won’t be fixed?

I’m definitely not contorting my hand to hit a button on my pen to move around. I’ll go back to right click select before I do that. I’ve been working with a tablet for many many years. No other software requires a button press on the pen to navigate and for good reason. Your hand would be dead in a year.

Most tablet pens I’ve ever used have the side buttons positioned fairly well, so that your finger is resting on them if holding the pen in a fairly normal average way. Depending on your model of tablet, you could also try assigning MMB to a button on the side of your tablet. I have Shift, Alt, Ctrl, MMB and a load of other things assigned like buttons for brush resizing and screen switching and stuff