Cannot Edit Objects!?

So i cant seem to Edit objects in blender at the moment,

in object mode when i add a new object the transform(i think) panel is greyed out. so i cannot adjust the amount of loops etc.

also CTRL-Z seems to not want to work in object mode as well.

Is there something i have pressed to lock objects or something? this just suddenly started happening 5 mins ago



It might help if you indicated what your operating system was as well as your Blender version number and build number were.

After creating a new object, if you hit the F6 key, a panel does not appear allowing you to edit the newly created object?

thanks for the quick reply, It may have been a bug or a button i pressed, but when i reloaded the file it as gone and its fine again

im using 2.57 on windows 7 64bit. it just happened randomly. also my F6 shortcut doesnt work now that you mention it. although i think that is to do with my laptop keyboard, because it works with a usb keyboard…

thanks for your help