Cannot Execute Boolean Operation


Brand new to 3D work in general and Blender in particular. Still have to check tutorials almost every step :confused:

I have two objects (imported, rotated and extruded from Illustrator) that I want to combine to remove all the internal geometry so as to be able to apply a thickness modifier (for 3D Printing). After some searching I have learnt that I want to use the Boolean modifier with the Union option. However, when I try to do this I get the error “Cannot Execute Boolean Operation” (same error with all options, ie difference, intersect, union), but no idea what might be causing it. Below is a link to the .blend file.

Any help you could give would be most appreciated.


Select all the vertices of object Curve.001 and use W / Remove Doubles. This will remove 105 duplicate vertices.

Thanks Richard, big help.
I’m trying to solidify it any running into problems again, but I’ll start a new thread.