Cannot extend texture name to a set amount of characters

In the UV image editor my material name is only allowed to be 21 characters so I can’t export my mesh properly as it has ‘jpg’ spelled ‘jp.’ I can’t add the ‘g’.:eek:

Also, I can’t seem to delete the excess materials I am not using. Sometimes they also become the selected mesh after export when they are not packed. It just seems overly frustrating rather then having more manual delete and cache clearing options.


there is a limit on number of characters for names
so may be you hit the limit !

in file menu set the pack var and save it

it should get rid of files hopefully

hope it helps

Wow, there is an interesting “External Data” menu. I will take a look.

I just make sure to have the Materials and Groups assigned and labeled correctly. Usually that helps to keep the images in order.