Cannot figure out Instancing in 3.0

I’m having trouble making a fan blade array in Blender 3.0, but I can’t find a solution. I’ve tried all sorts of Geometry Node types, as well as doing it manually. I could just do it manually, but I’d rather save time if I can.

Practicing this in my head… This stuff is an acquired taste, to be sure.

Create a circle, mesh or curve.
Since you want an array, mesh or curves to point would be best to use.
Have a fan blade available. Instance that fan blade (if it is premade and in the outliner, drag it into the geometry node editor) to those points.
(I erased a bunch of stuff because looking at the tutorials available is best.)
Look for Align to Euler tutes.
There are some amazing tutorials being shared that will surely get you up and going.

Ok, this is a newbie question, but, how exactly do I instance something? I didn’t find it in the manual.

You are talking about geometry nodes, right?
Made me look:
I have been following tutorials for this purpose. Bradley animation and my favorite, crossmind studio. They are explaining the newer system in a way that makes sense to me. I’m sure it will for you, as well.

Ok, it seems simple, but I want to know how to make instances that pivot around a central point.

Figured it out. Needed to parent the fan blade to an empty and rotate the blade.

You aren’t really talking about Geometry nodes, then. No Empty would be needed.
Here is what the nodes would look like.

And this is the file.
FanPaddle.blend (841.4 KB)

As I am making effort to learn GN, I appreciate your question and what the answer can provide me into the future.

Sorry, I still don’t get it. Whenever I try to recreate the node setup, the blade disappears. Does it have to be at the world origin?

EDIT: Tried that with a cube. Still didn’t work.

Share what is not working.
I continue to work on this as I find it a great practice exercise for understanding how to better use GN.
FanPaddle1.blend (910.5 KB)
Press the spacebar on load. Amazing how the simple can be so amazing.

Oh, and it is at the world origin for ease of use. I have noticed some operations need it and some operations don’t. I haven’t paid attention to where the difference is coming from.

I see. I think I’m starting to get a hang of it after studying the example a bit more.

Scratch that, it’s still not working. Here’s the blend.
Fan Problem.blend (979.3 KB)

As I look at the file, I see the reason for your question. :slight_smile:
As a question, why do you NOT want it at the origin? When it is in a geometry node operation, I have noticed you can turn objects completely off and they still show up in the render. Iff your concern is that a piece in the center would be seen, you can control that.

Ok, try this: add a cube. In the geometry node editor, click on new. To the left of that naming area is a dropdown. Select Geometry Nodes.003. It should all work.

In the videos I shared above, they all speak to putting the noodle on a throw-away object.
This is one of those times where it takes the offset of the object from the origin and adds it onto the object. When it disappears, it is way out in space somewhere.

I had a go at this one as well. I used a slightly different approach so I thought I would post it. I gave the geometry node some inputs to change the number of blades, rotation etc.

Fan.blend (103.3 KB)

That’s nifty. GeoNodes are finding a place in my tool box.