Cannot find "Object Parameters" in Blender 2.5

In 2.4 the parameters/resolution, used to pop up right after i select a sphere or circle or w/e, but in 2.5 it doesn’t do that, and i cant seem to find it anywhere. Is it not added to 2.5?

Stock answer to the most asked question on these boards:
Look at the bottom of the toolshelf (T) or press F6

Yes i’ve even tried that and theres nothing that says or has to do with parameters. The last thing on the toolshelf says Grease pencil and on edit mode it says Mesh options tab but nothing that has to do with parameters. And F6 dosent really do anything besides say “toggle edit mode”

They will only show up when you add an object. if there is a + symbol at the bottom of the paneol, press it.

i do have an object, the basic sphere. And i dont see any + on the bottom of the panel. I do have multiple objects in the scene maybe thats it?