Cannot find system info.txt under Help

I ran the menu item Help/System/System Information inside Blender and it showed me the dialog with “done!” and “Please check the sytem-info.txt in the text editor window”. I have already opened a text editor window in Blender but there is nothing, and I cannot find the fie info.txt anywhere on my computer. Can anyone help me to find the relevant file or tell me how the function works please?
I am using the WinXP version of Blender 2.47 (latest LAW release) on a Pentium 4 PC. I have it installed on a d:\program files\Blender directory, instead of the default c: drive program file directory.
Many thanks.

In your text editor there is a small menu button on the header for the names of the text files and such that there are in the opened .blend file. Info.txt is there.


Thank you! I finally found it! I discovered that I need to open a new file (any blank file) in the text window, otherwise the menu for the opened text files will not appear. Hence I couldn’t find it in the first place.

Not really. You won’t have any text file name displayed if there is no text file existing but the menu button, i.e. the small square button with an up and a down arrow, will still be there, just to the right of the “AB” button and, in that menu, the file system-info.txt will appear.