Cannot get Blender to run

Hi Blender Users,

Blender 2.34 and 2.37 both run extremely slow or almost hang.
Have a AMD64 WinXP Home and tried Radeon 9600TX and Geforce 2MX440.
Have 512MB Ram.
There was something like that I noticed but changing the opengl DLL as proposed does not help.

What may I do?


different version
turn off AA
search forums

usual stuff
perhaps more detail

Hi folks,

Is that “usual stuff” with blender? Only with Windows or is it the same with Linux?
Turning off AA helps a bit. But Blender now seems to be very busy with something every couple of seconds for a second, during that it does not get any input from me. Taks manager shows peak processor load caused by blender then.
I searched for a while but did not find any useful hint on that. There was a hint on changing the opengl DLL to an older Version but this did not help at all.

I really would like to use blender but, as it appears now, it is not stable. Or may you help with this?

Perhaps this links will help: