Cannot get camera to follow object

hello, i am a newb and i am posting my first question about the blender ge. i am making a basic project that consists of a sphere and a plane. also i am currently reading the blender gamekit which is based on a previous version of blender.
this what i am trying to acheive. as the sphere rolls across the plane, the camera follows it in a 3rd person perspective.
the problem that i am running into is when i type in the name of the object in the OB: feild (which is named sphere respectively) the name just clears from the field. i type in the name of my object, hit enter, and the letters doesn’t register or something. i know i am following the tutorial that is in the manual but it is obvious that i am doing something incorrect.
please help.

In what OB field are you typing this? “track to” actuator or something else? Did you check if you wrote Sphere or sphere?

It looks like a “Track To” to me. Good news is there’s a shortcut now!

Select the camera and then the sphere (Right Click the Camera and Shift-rClick the Sphere) Then Ctrl-T for Track To!

Easy as!

The control T track to is not for the game engine…

Look at the edit actuator, set it to Track to, and the object name

Check out my demo ( for understanding. Press arrows to move and spacebar to SuperSpecial :).
Have fun.

just parent the camera to the object.