Cannot get correct vertex world coordinates of SurfCircles, if vertex weight != 1

Is this a Bug in Blender?? (2.71)

I have a SurfCircle (Add - Surface - Nurbs Circle).

I need to retrieve the world coordinates of its vertices.

I go through the vertices and get correct world coordinates whenever the WEIGHT = 1. When the vertex weight = NOT 1, then I do not get correct vertex world coordinates. Why this??

Here is the code I am using (you can just select a SurfCircle and try it):
I attached a sample Blender file with the Surfcircle (just the 2nd vertex has a weight different to 1).
I cannot imagine that this behaviour makes any sense?

The screenshot shows that Blender displays correct world (global) coordinates to the right. But when I try to retrieve the same through Python, the values returned are wrong.

SurfCircle.blend (469 KB)

def spline_get_vertex_worldcoordinates():
obj = bpy.context.selected_objects[0]

wmtx = obj.matrix_world
for index in range(0, len([0].points)):
worldCoord = wmtx *[0].points[index].co
print(‘vertex ’ + str(index) + str(’ world coord: ') + str(worldCoord))

#END def spline_get_vertex_worldcoordinates(