Cannot get "normalize all" or "limit total" in the weight painting menu to work properly

I am trying to create an animated model for a game which has a restriction of <= 4 weight influencers per vertex as well as the sums of the weight influence for any given vertex has to be <= 1. I simply cannot get this to work at all. I have tried normalize all and limit total and they seem to work in blender, but I keep running into errors when trying to import them into the game. I’ve uploaded some screenshots for reference here: What am I missing? The game is called Planet Coaster by the way. Here is a link to the uploader if it helps:

Also, bear in mind that this is my first time posting here so I am unfamiliar with the posting conventions on this site. I am just looking for help and I don’t know where to go to find it. I hope this post is okay.

If you normalize, then limit, you can end up with unnormalized weights. Limit first, then normalize.

If you limit all groups and you have non-deforming groups, you can end up with more than 4 groups per vertex.

Make sure your mesh has no non-deforming groups (not sure if limit has “deform groups” option; some of those have the option, but it doesn’t work for them), then limit, then normalize, then export.

Kinda surprised the .fbx doesn’t just normalize automatically (although not limiting would make sense, sometimes you can use more groups.)

Thanks for the response. Strangely that didn’t seem to work. I don’t have any non deform groups in my mesh, just one’s that are parented and weighted to the armature. I tried to limit, then normalize, and I am still getting the “must sum to 1” error. Then if I do it the other way around I get the "“too many influencers per vertex” error. Its like doing one breaks the other.