Cannot get out of wire mode (Viewport shading -> Solid / Max Draw Type -> Textured)

I have this blend file (version 2.79) which comprises several models with armature.

I’m trying to edit one of the models, but when I enter edit mode is only displayed in Wireframe even though;

  • View Shading is set to Solid
  • Shading-Hidden Wire Unchecked
  • Max Draw Type is set to textured.

I can only see it in solid mode if I set the “Adjust edit cage to modifier result” in the Armature modifier, but then the 3d gizmo is displayed where the original mesh model is (at the origin) so I cannot edit it that way.

Is there any setting I’m missing so I can see the model in solid mode when editing and have the 3d gizmo in place?

Maybe: Is Mesh Analysis enabled ?

Thanks for jumping in. Unfortunately Mesh Analysis is disabled :frowning: