cannot go into edit mode on this curve anymore

see file here with this weird shape for a curve

i cannot go into edit mode

what can i do to go into edit mode and continue my modelling ?

is this a bug with curves?


z1.blend (370 KB)

Select the curve, go to Edit Mode
Press ALT+H to un-hide what you hidden
Select all, then in the T panel, click on “Spline Type” and select “Bezier”
At “Handle” click on “Auto”

You can edit the curves as usual now with the handles.

i must have press this hidden thing by mistake !

but verts were not shown !

is there a way to detect this hidden thing ?


I don’t know of a way to detect if only some face/vertices of an object are hidden as they then do not show in the outliner as being hidden from view (because a part of the object is still visible).

It’s for that reason that as a reflex i always press ATL + H when i load a model in object and edit mode, always in case i forgot that i had something hidden.

well there should be some sort of warning like may be a red dot on the top header to say hey whatch out
you got some hidden things in edit or object mode !

cause you tend to forget these hidden things
see may thread on these !