Cannot have multiple windows open at once

Sometimes when I have Firefox open while I also have Blender open, Firefox will go black and I cannot interact with it. The only way to fix this is to close Firefox or Blender and start it up again.

I also cannot open multiple instances of Blender. The second one will not show any icons and sections will turn black when the splash screen is gone.
No icons when the splash is there(splash didn’t show up in screenshot):

Sections turn black when splash is gone:
I’m running on Windows XP. This never happened to me with 2.65, only when I got 2.66.


Could you give a little more information about your computer?

From the screenshot it looks like you’re using Windows XP. Not sure what graphics card etc. you’re using.

They did make some changes with 2.66 to support retina and other high quality displays. From my understanding they vectorized alot of the icons to make them look better on these denser screens along with other optimizations. I’m not 100% sure but this could have something to do with your problems.

First thing I’d recommend is making sure your video driver is up to date.

Thank you. I installed the newest driver and it pretty much works now. It still turns black upon opening the 4th or 5th instance of Blender so this is leaving me to think it is mostly a memory problem. I only have 2GB of RAM on Windows XP so it could be expected.