Cannot Import SVG file

Hey everyone,

I’m a blender noob, trying to import an SVG file.

Every time I try to import this file (I can see it in the file select screen), the file does not appear in Blender.

I’ve tried importing other SVG files and they show up in the editor, but the one I need to work with won’t show up after I import it. Knowing that some files can be very small, I zoomed all the way in and it is not there.

The file was created in Illustrator. What are some things I can check?
I have made sure to enable the SVG import option in the User Preferences.

Many thanks in advance,

What are its dimensions
Maybe it’s very very small or very very large. It may be outside the 3d view clip distance.
What is its locations ? Maybe it’s very very far from the view so outside the 3d view clip distance

We cannot tell you because you have not supplied a link to your .blend file

How do I supply my .blend file?

Do I export the .blend file and post it on a Web space?

To attach a file you have 2 options: attach it to the post or upload it somewhere and post a link here (preferably using, only for .blend file type, Dropbox or GoogleDrive).
The file obviously should be saved (on the moment which is unclear for you) on your hard drive in order to have what to upload.
It also can be useful if you provide a link to your .svg file (see above).

This is a setting one forum member suggested that I use… I can import with no problem…