Cannot insert keyframes - no keyrings active


when trying to insert a keyframe (press I) for a camera, I only get the menu title “Insert keyframe menu”, but cannot select something like “location”, “rotation” etc. This problem applies to all of my cameras, and for various (older as well) versions of my projects - but not to a new file from scratch, and not to any other objects.

At several places in the web you find the answer “delete keyrings in the timeline”. But that seems not to work for me.

This is how it looks:

What can I do?


Can’t really tell from just a screenshot, but if you select a camera, is there a keying set active in the scene tab? If so, delete it unless for some reason you are using keying sets. Post a blend with the issue. Can you reset pref and try it?

It seems to be dependent from the camera position, problems occur when the camera is very close.

I made a mistake at the very beginning, which leads to all objects be scaled down to something like 0,1% in size. I guess, this leads into trouble when the camera (which has “follow-to” to an object) tries to follow these extremely small objects very close.


It took me a while to figure it out, but you just need to ensure that the camera is actually visible when trying to do this. The Insert Keyframes operator here is looking at the “active” object to determine what keyingsets it can use, but since the camera isn’t really visible, it isn’t getting considered, hence why it’s not visible.

Yeah. Saved the day. Thanks aligorith.