Cannot locate your geo? (If you are a newbie like me, here is what happened)

Blender 2.79.

All of my geometry suddenly disappeared. I tried all of the following to no avail:

In the outliner it was still there.
In the outliner the eye’s were all “on”.
I was in object mode.
I could select a piece of geo in the outliner and hit “.” on the numpad to no avail.
I could rotate around and nothing shows up.
My clipping planes for the camera were correct.
I was in shaded view mode.
I could see the grid.
I could create a new cube and frame on it (and that works fine).
In the outliner, I could expand the new cube and click on its “component” icon (sorry, I don’t know the correct name for this) and it put me in edit mode for this new cube. None of my real geometry allowed me click on this same icon even though the icons are there.
I could select items in the outliner and set their transforms to 0, 0, 0 but they do not show up.
Exporting my scene to an OBJ showed that the geometry was still there.

I was tearing my hair out when I noticed that I was no longer on layer “0”. When I went back to layer 0 all of my geo was visible again.

So if you are not used to layers (like me) if your geo suddenly disappears it might be simply that you switched to a new layer. Thought I would post this in case someone else can benefit.

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