Cannot move bones in pose mode

In this model bitl-62.blend!256, i just want to move the bone called Main which is the root and so it should move the whole armature/object with it.

But when i’m in pose mode i can only rotate and scale the bone, not translate.

I have already tried playing with the “Manipulate center points” button to no avail.

And looks like the Location is not locked in the Properties panel.

Can you find the issue in the linked model please?
Thank you!

For some reason the head of the bone “main” is missing.see image.

This could have something to do with it??
Though I dont know how to fix the existing bone…make a new bone and parenting the hierarchy to it should do the trick.

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uncheck connected on the “main” bone, since he has no parent

It worked, thank you both very much for your help :slight_smile:

my pleasure! :wink: