Cannot open file (when saving)

Hi! My friend is having a problem when he tries to save anything (even open blender and saving the default scene):

After some researches on google, we discovered thaot this is an old BF blender problem but we could not fix it.

It just happened for no reason, it was working before.

He is running UPBGE 0.2.4, older versions have the same problem.

We already tried:
-Download the software again or other versions
-Delete Blender’s AppData folder.
-Run as Adm
-Check if there are enough memory in disk.

No sucess at all. Any suggestions?

When Googling your friend’s issue, I came across a number of issues with very similar wording that pointed to a Python problem. I am unfamiliar with UPBGE and how it uses Python, but maybe there is a Python version conflict on your friend’s system.

When you say it was working before, is there a certain event that happened before it stopped working? Windows updated some files, your friend experienced a crash, etc.? If so, you may be able to collect back Windows to a restore point back when it used to work, but that is a pretty drastic fix action.

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