Cannot Orbit around object.

Is there a way to orbit around an object in blender in Ubunto? I used to be able to do this on a Mac by just holding down the ALT key (middle button), but now I can’t figure out how to do this on a linux machine. I can sort of get this effect when I “Emulate NumPad” in the Preset settings, but this lacks the freedom that I used to have. I’m using 2.62 at the moment. Anyway, I’d appreciate any help!

User prefs, Interface, Rotate Around Selection. Do you mean this?

Yes, I’ve tried that, but is there a key that I’m supposed to use with it? Or should I be using a 3-button mouse?

Or should I be using a 3-button mouse?
Maybe you should say what you actually using then.

a laptop keyboard without a number pad.

Select something, hold middle mouse button; moving mouse rotates view around selection.

Then just plug in a mouse

Argh… What about attaching any usb mouse to it?

Thanks, eppo. For some reason, that doesn’t work in Ubunto.

Yep, guess I’ll have to go that route. annoying, as I never needed it before.

Does it move the window when you hold Alt? That is what most Linux distros default the Alt key for some reason. I’m not running Ubuntu so can’t say for sure, but this link shows some ways to change the key to something else freeing up Alt.