Cannot orbit via numpad 4/6/2/8 while selecting. Bug or by design?

There is a pet peeve of mine, which is I cannot orbit my model via 2/8/4/6 during selection.

Create a sphere. Go into edit mode. Let just say I want to select 4 face on the right side and another 4 face on the left side, and this faces can be picked at random.

Press C for circle select, click click click, now I want to orbit via 2/4/6/8 but I can’t. I have to disable select first, orbit, the press C again to select new ones.

Why can’t I orbit while the circle select being activated?

Bug or by design? I think being able to orbit in selection mode can speed up modelling process, I think.

I believe its been said its part of how its implemented and that its up for change, but I cannot recall where this was. Either here or on the blender forums.

There’s a patch for it, but currently some issues yet (read comments).

Alternative selection modes are b for box select, or Ctrl+LMB (Ctrl+RMB if you use LMB select) will do lasso selections.

From the conversation it sound like it has committed into svn by Ton. Good to hear for 2.67 then.