cannot overlay model over a video (opacity problem?)

I found this excellent tutorial on moving a model on top of footage of a video:

At 4:40, when this person selects “alpha under” the model materializes over the video.
In my video, it never does. what am I doing wrong?

are you sure your strips are in the right order ( top to bottom )?

I did it just like how he has his, and I even reversed them to see if it made a difference and it did not, unfortunately.

check to see if the alpha setting is on in your render buttons. if not, toggle it on.

are you referring to the “use alpha” toggled on in this picture here?

I don’t see you setting the background of your scene to transparent

With a transparent background I’m not sure why you’d mess around changing the movie opacity when you can just have the scene clip above the background movie and set the scene blend to Alpha Over

that did it and you’re right. i didn’t need to mess with the opacity! thank you so much.