Cannot paint on object in 3.1.2 with texture painting

Im following a course from jama jurabaev and he is going over texture painting and following everything exactly but I still cannot paint ontop of my object or in the texture painting window over the texture.

Blender* [C:\Users\User\Documents\Blender Projects\Realtime Environment Design ex2.blend] (

There’s a million and one reasons you could be having this problem, try some of these common solutions I’ve found:

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I ended up restarting the project but I can only paint when I’m viewing the object in a certain way for some reason.

Blender* [C:\Users\user\Documents\Blender Projects\Realtime Environment Design ex2NEW.blend] (

In the first view, you don’t have your object selected…the UV should be displayed in the UV editor… also you should switch to the Texture space for this, not the Shading.

I can’t tell anything from the second view, not enough information.
Share the Blend file would be the best way…and Pack the images with it…FILE > EXTERNAL DATA > PACK RESOURCES

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