Cannot Past Flipped Pose

I posted this under a different title, referring to a tutorial on the site, and it seems to me I must be missing something simple. I see this forum is active, but I’ve had no responses and figure there’s a good chance that’s because I refer to the tutorial and maybe many people don’t use it.

Here’s the problem: I have a figure with two arms and two legs, one armature in each arm, two in each leg (upper and lower). I set it up for frame 1, then do frame 11. When I get to frame 21, I go back to frame 1, copy the current pose, then go to frame 21 and try to “paste flipped pose.” The arm poses are flipped, but the leg poses are not. The arm poses rotate on the Z axis and the leg poses rotate on the Y axis. I don’t know if that could be a problem.

When I paste the flipped pose, the left and right arms are flipped (the pose on the left becomes the pose on the right, and vice versa). The left and right legs, though, do not flip at all. If I paste the original pose, the legs are the same as if I post a flipped pose.

Am I doing something wrong here, like forgetting a setting or something? I’m using Blender 2.42a on Linux (Ubuntu Edgy Eft).

Thanks for any help – I really can’t do any more on this and on learning Blender until I can get past this block.


One of the first things to do is to check your naming of bones. Flipping poses only works when you have bones on one side with a .R or .r post-fix, and bones on the other side with a .L or .l post-fix. You should also take note that it only applies the pose to selected bones.


Yep, that did it.

I had left out the “.” before the L and R. The odd thing is that the arms were ArmL and ArmR, and it still flipped them. The legs were HiLegL, LoLegL, HiLegR, LoLegR. Once I put the dot before the L or R, it worked great. I have no clue why the arms flipped without the change.

Thanks! That’s a big help. I knew it had to be something simple I had overlooked or missed.


I have a similar problem. When I copy flip my contact pose i get the knees and the feet flipping but they move out of their original positions. I have checked my naming conventions and all appears well, it is very strange and frustrating! can any one help more??


before and after flipping the pose