Cannot play back AVI Raw output from Blender

I’ve just spent hours rendering a video out to AVI Raw format, something I’ve done many times before in Blender. However, when I attempt to play it in Media Player at home (Windows XP Home), it says the format is unsupported and can’t play it back. Strangely, the same file plays fine on my XP Professional machine at work, and on my Vista Premium laptop. It’s not a speed issue (home machine is the fastest of the three machines, a 2.66GHz Core2Duo, 2GB RAM), so clearly there’s a codec missing. Interestingly, even Adobe Premiere Elements can’t import it, even though it usually manages to import anything you give it.
Does anybody know what codec is required to play back Blender’s AVI Raw, where I can get it , and how to install it? Or is it some other problem?
(EDIT) Doh! it’s obviously NOT a codec problem, since AVI Raw doesn’t appear to use any codec! I’ll have to work it out myslef then…

AVI Raw is HUGE. Be sure file is not >2GB, as it is a file system limitation then (and has nothing to do with Blender).

If you can get Blender to read it into the VSE, you can always re-export it using a codec or to a frame sequence. see wiki user manual on Using the Video Sequence Editor - examples in there about re-rendering a strip out to different formats.