Cannot remember website... Please help soon :)

Hello all,

About half a year ago, I uploaded most of my finished blender renders(and some unfinished ones) to a site that was free and let you showcase your art. A few days later my computers motherboard was fried in an electric storm, and I got another computer. The computer still hasn’t been fixed. Unfortunately, I need the renders urgently for a job resume and I cannot for the life of me remember the website.
I am fairly sure that it had something like “carbon” in its name, and I know that it used a subdomain so it was ???.zzcranjo(my user name).com, or zzcranjo.???.com
Please tell me if you know of the site… Also what that type of site is called, that might help me find it, anything you can think of.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Maybe this? Though I don’t see any uploaded images

btw, googling zzcranjo returns only 267 results (4 pages).
It shouldn’t take you much time to check all of them.

You could also pull the hard drive out of the old computer and put it into one of those $15 external USB disk cases and hope for the best.

Plus you end up with a back-up disk too.

Probably get not only your finished renders this way but your .blend files and pron collection as well.

isn’t that carbonmade?


yes it was carbon made, thankyou. Although my work on their is not impressive someone wanted to see what i could do within a month of learning blender.
@godofbigthings, I wouldve looked through the “only” 267 results :smiley: but i am pressed for time and have a lot of assignments due. Thats also why i couldn’t check this thread for a while.
@uncleentity, the pc is at the shop being fixed. Actually it came back with new motherboard and ram, but was locking every few minutes, even with nothing open… I sent it back and hope they don’t charge me technician wages, only for extra parts… they shouldve fixed it the first time :smiley:
thanks :smiley:

EDIT:: carbonmade give me “That page couldn’t be found” when i sign in… it was created a while ago, but surely they ported all the portfolios over?

Good advice from Uncle Entity. The $15 IDE/SATA to USB adaptor cable has allowed me to recover a bunch of files for other people. Me, I back stuff up regularly. Butt it’s a great tool to have in one’s kit.