cannot render a posed character

I have a character that I have posed, but when I press F12, the unposed character is rendered. It even appears posed in the camera view. What am I doing wrong?

Well, I had a similar problem. I would rotate an object (it was the armature object), render, see that the render was not what I wanted, and see that the armature had returned to where I had rotated from. Now, my problem was that I had a keyframe set, so, if this is your problem, either, A, delete all key frames and pose again, or, B, make a new key frame for the pose.

Hope that helps,

sorry, i am not animating, and i dont know how to operate on key frames. I am just posing. That is not the problem

Keyframes can affect you even if you’re not animating. But first, I would recommend that you pose it, select all bones, and then hit IKEY to bring up the keyframe menu. Pick “locrot”. Now render, and the pose shouldn’t be destroyed on rendering.