Cannot Render Image

hey blender heads, I’m doing a tutorial on how to model an ancient temple, but when I try to render the scene
only half of the things in my view port are rendering, The pillars are no where to be found. Can someone please
see my file and tell me what I’ve done wrong.

Thank you!

put your file anywhere but 4 share dot com. Its a trap. Im just joking. I did 3 clicks and non where the file that’s the truth.

Hi Kazinger, you mean the file is not in the zip?

Im sorry. No I clicked on 3 things that said download one was that illvid installer ahhh!! If it a image or a blend put it here. It is quick and so easy it is made for blender . And the more simple of us like me can find it.

Blender we have a problem, my file is 63MB and max file upload is 30MB. any other options? I zipped the file and tried to upload
it to pasteall, and also got a message: Not a .blend or .py file so Im guessing zips are not welcomed.

Here ya go. Click that link and you’ll get 500MB more than the normal 2GB.

thanks for that Brent. Hope all is good now. I did have db but didnt occur to me to upload it there, so heres the link:

Duplication on duplii face if I select none It renders

Well spotted friend, I had no idea that command disables rendering. I’m a fresh blender head, and just started learning this cool 3D
software. But some people that do tutorials really need to get a pass from doing so… Heaps of ppl out there think they are pros.

Thanks again.